10 Down, 16 To Go

Massive Positivity Day One – Just got off a late 6-miler after a looooooong workday.  Have REALLY been working on my positive thinking today…so let’s see how it went….

My 6 mile pace today was 1:09:12.  I thought I was way faster than that, though…but the watch doesn’t lie.  I gotta figure out a way to pick up speed without feeling like I’m gonna bonk out with 3 miles left to go.  However, I DID run on a relatively empty stomach, so maybe that was a factor.  I did walk, but only 2 minutes, and I kept moving as fast as I could.  To make up for that, I ran the entire length on Waterway in the final mile, even the uphill that I almost ALWAYS walk.  The only other thing that wasn’t awesome about this run was the frustration of running in the dark, on dark streets, with oncoming headlights blinding me…that was tough too.

But the rest of it was AWESOME!!!  I really am pretty proud of today’s run.  The weather was perfect…it was a nice breezy 72…not too dry, and not humid…pretty much awesome running conditions.  I’m told the perfect running weather is around 60, but I couldn’t complain one bit about this evening.

Leah let me borrow her GPS watch, so I figured I’d give it a try.  I didn’t trust myself to be able to use it right, though, so, dork that I am, I strapped my cheap-o Target watch on too and timed myself the way I always do…and tried not to look too much at the GPS watch because it wasn’t hitting mileage where I thought it should from my memory of my map on RunKeeper.  Seemed like there was a good .25-.33 mile discrepancy there.  So I pretty much tried to ignore it and kept trucking along.

Things got tougher as it got darker, just because there are, in fact, far fewer street lights on Waterway than I thought there were.  I was worried about tripping, and kept asking the Running Gods for cars going in my direction (don’t worry, Jaime, I was on the sidewalk) so they’d light up the path for me…they often did, but they also went fast.  I don’t know how people run with their heads down and their chins tucked…I understand that’s a common posture problem among runners…because when I had to do that to use my visor to shield my eyes against the headlights, I could hardly breathe.

I did hit the “buzz” somewhere around Mile 4…got lost in my thoughts and let the minutes just slide by under my feet…and when my mind would come up for air, I did my best to push it back under again and just keep floating. =)  I told the hills they were nothing.  Told ’em to run with me.  Marveled at how light my legs felt, even when they started to get heavy.  That was just my imagination…they really are light as a feather, especially around Mile 5…’cause I never get tired.  Thought about how much I love to run.  Visualized what I think the finish line in Memphis will look like.  Tried to imagine the pictures my mom will get with her fancy new camera when I start the race…when she catches me looking strong around Mile 10…when I find that last burst of power and push out those last two tenths at the end.  Thought about the massive Subway sandwich I wanted to pick up for dinner once I got done (oops…I think I just missed ’em…they’re closed.  Sigh.).  I gotta say…it was a good run.

My kingdom…my KINGDOM for a plate of sushi right now….

Though I enjoyed a lot about tonight, I think I’m going to continue to try to avoid running in the dark…just as I got through the eyebrows on Waterway, and was feeling awfully proud of myself for running a stretch I almost ALWAYS give up and walk, I stepped wrong on a pinecone or a rock or something in a dark patch obscured by passing headlights and rolled my left ankle enough to stumble and cry out and even curse a bit…but it seems there’s no harm done…no real residual pain, and I was able to finish the last half mile or so before the end…but it was kind of a strange way for the Running Gods to congratulate me on not wimping out on an uphill.

But that’s okay.  I can’t be stopped.  Six is my new mid-run distance for only a couple of weeks before it bumps up to seven (SEVEN?!?!?).  Next week, I won’t walk at ALL on a six.  SAYS I.


About merlintoes

Amateur marathoner, constant wanderer, sometime teacher, and pilgrim for life. As of July 2012, I have picked up and moved my life to Colorado, a state where I know no one, have no job, and hear it is very beautiful. I don't understand it myself...but I'm gonna run with it.
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2 Responses to 10 Down, 16 To Go

  1. Patty Engelen says:

    Sounds like a positive evening!! Wish there was a way you could run in the daylight, but the days are getting so much shorter every day, or so it seems. Good work and keep at it!!

  2. George says:

    Just wait until you’ve run in 50s and 60s, and mid-70s will feel hot! Glad it’s all going so well!

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