Back to the running….

Marathon Training, Week 2:

So…I’ve had seven training runs and have missed two.  Ehrm.  Not good.  But was traveling, so have a LITTLE bit of an excuse.  Both missed runs were 3-milers…I think that means minimal damage.  And I do believe my hour-long run was over the required 5.  So am I forgiven?

Tuesday’s jet-lagged 4-miler was embarrassingly hard.  I had to walk for 2 minutes of the total 43.  I guess I didn’t HAVE to walk…I DID walk.  But still, there were 41 minutes where I was running.  Need to congratulate myself on the positive, right?  Thursday’s 3 was much better…even broke my own pace record.  I think that’s the first time I did as many as 3 miles with an under-11:00 mile.  YES, I’m SLOW…but I’m not walkin’!!  Ha ha.  I was very proud of that, honestly.  I felt WAY more spent than I should have for a 3…and it was gratifying to put in the numbers on Runkeeper when I got home and find that I was over my normal pace by :30-:45 seconds a mile.  Nice to know I wasn’t having a wimpy day…I really WAS expending more effort than I normally would.

Troubling situation, though…I have brand-new Brooks running shoes…they’re beautiful…they’re PURPLE…and they make my feet go numb.  NOT GOOD.  After about a mile, I noticed that my right forefoot was entirely tingly-numb (not painful, but quite distracting) and my left was close behind.  I actually stopped at one point to loosen my laces, but after a few minutes’ improvement, the problem persisted.  It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t feel like it should.  I got them on Tuesday from Potomac River Running Store in Fairfax…where I got my first pair…and apparently, they have a policy where they won’t take back shoes that have been worn outside, even if there’s a problem.  My Running Gurus tell me this is poppycock, to say it nicely.  Hogwash.  Horse manure.  Any running store worth its Shot Bloks should have a minimum 30-day NQA policy, even if it’s got store-credit strings attached.  Which would work, in my case…there were two pairs in the final round…a pair of Sauconys and a pair of Brooks, and all other things equal (including the price), I went for purple.  So if the problem persists, I’d be happy to trade them in for the Sauconys (which were my original brand and worked quite well for me).  Hopefully, they will do the right thing if it comes to that.  Perhaps I’ll mention my blog and my (huge) following and tell them how much I’d love to be able to spread the word of their awesomeness throughout Northern Virginia.

Interesting thing about my shoe purchase.  This is my second pair of shoes.  My first were Sauconys with stabilizers…they put me up on the treadmill and had me run, and at the time, I had NO idea about form or how I run, or how to run, and the way my foot hit the ground in a heel-strike, they decided I needed stabilizing shoes.  This time, though, since I’m now a mid-foot striker using the ChiRunning form, the question of my pronation became moot, and I got to get neutral shoes.  Which I find kinda fascinating, honestly.  I feel like I’m learning things!

I hope these Brooks work out tomorrow…I want to give them another try, but I hate that it’s happening on a long-run day.  I have a 6-mile route planned (my choice of two, actually), and I feel like I need to loop back near the house within a mile or so in case I need to change out to my old shoes.  But neither of my routes DO loop back, and I don’t want to run in my old shoes again…I must confess they were the shoes I wore most often on my trip through Europe (I know, bad) and I feel like they are, to use a term I learned from George, DEAD.

In other news, I hope the run ITSELF goes well!  I need to channel some of that Vienna hour-power!  My training book says I need to say things like, “This run will be AWESOME!  I’m gonna OWN it!”  Which I’m trying to do!  So help me out!!  It won’t be 70 degrees till about 9am tomorrow…I’m hoping to be done by then…so I should have nice coolish weather to keep me going, and it’s gonna go really well!  When I feel like walking, I always try to think about how great it’s going to feel to get back online and talk about how great I did on a new distance…which, at this point, is always a PR for me…which is what’s cool about taking on a challenge like this for the first time…you’re always shooting for that new triumph that gets you high and makes you eager for the next success!  (Which is, in large part, thanks to all of you who respond to my posts!)

So…I’m nervous about it, but ready to take it on!  Good night, and wish me luck!  I’ll report back tomorrow!


About merlintoes

Amateur marathoner, constant wanderer, sometime teacher, and pilgrim for life. As of July 2012, I have picked up and moved my life to Colorado, a state where I know no one, have no job, and hear it is very beautiful. I don't understand it myself...but I'm gonna run with it.
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2 Responses to Back to the running….

  1. Fran Phoenix says:

    I have much sympathy with you and the shoe problem. My feet hurt after I take my sneakers off…very wierd! I agree with your friends…most stores take the shoes back-I’ve often wondered how they do it but I see that statement more often than not. If you are a sincere runner you will be back often for more shoes so they should make you happy! Hope this morning went well. This weather is awesome!

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh no! What happened today with the shoes? I hope it went better!

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